Best Casinos In Macau

Macau is considered bigger than Las Vegas these days. This is because the revenue generated in Macau is nearly five times greater than what is generated in Las Vegas. Although there are 40 casinos (and counting) in Macau, picking one can be a strenuous task.

Here are some of the best casinos Macau has to offer.

City of Dreams Macau

When people think of Macau, the first destination that comes to most gambler’s minds is City of Dreams. It is mainly due to the beautiful atmosphere inside the casino, something unique to the City when compared to other casinos in the area with the biggest gaming floor that the city has to offer. The casino also features a luxury hotel and a Michelin star restaurant. If you’re looking for a show to watch during your visit, the City of Dreams features even that!

Venetian Casino Resort

Winstar World in Oklahoma might be the biggest casino in the United States, but the Venetian Casino is the biggest in the world. Shopping malls and gondoliers are only some of the things that you can experience inside. You’d most definitely get a distinct Venetian vibe while you’re inside the casino. As you might have expected, the casino has a lot to offer, and there’s so much more than you can expect, even if you’re not a gambler yourself. You can treat yourself to shows and world-class restaurants.


Grand Lisboa Macau

The Grand Lisboa is unique because it is one of the few casinos that stood tall after the Vegas import. And stand tall, it did! Since the Las Vegas invasion, the Grand Lisboa refurbished itself to stay in the competition, going as far as to establish a restaurant that is Michelin-starred. The hotels are also featuring five-star rooms. When it comes to gambling space, the Grand Lisboa focuses more on the factor that matters the most, which is, of course, gambling. There are hundreds of rooms with plenty of tables, and you’ll only have to focus on how you play rather than the where you play.

Wynn Macau

Although the Wynn Macau is small when compared to other casinos in the area, it is still one of the shrewdest casinos out there. You’ll be welcomed by Qing vases and exquisite tapestry in the lobby. You’d be lucky if you’re allowed inside the high roller rooms since it is believed to be the most exclusive rooms in Macau. But don’t be sad, there are plenty of minimum bet tables that you can find.

Online Casino

Another alternative to land based casino for Macau residents is online based casino. Online based casino(s) are getting increasing popular in Macau and other countries like Malaysia due to the fact that it’s much more accessible and convenient compared to it’s land counterpart. One of the most visited online casino in Malaysia is boss188.

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